The Weekend!

I don’t know about you, but the weekend is a favorite time of mine because for some time you can do want and really focus on it or perhaps you can kick back and watch movies.  If you think about it, it’s a lot like when some big plot wraps up in a television show, and the following episode is just them taking a breather.

In the anime Soul Eater, the characters finish off an intense battle with a villain…. And spend the next episode playing basketball.  When I was younger, I did have a hard time. Understanding this as all I could really think was “Dang it guys, there is an unspeakable evil out there, and all you’re doing is playing a game!”

As I have grown older, I have come to better understand this, life is not all work, and it is not all play.  When we can strike a balance between the two, it can help us develop an appreciation of both.  So when you feel like you want to take a break for some time that is all ok just don’t forget to get moving once more soon!


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Dress like a millionaire​!

Maybe it’s funny that I’m writing this while the power is out.  Things aren’t going to be easy.  It sucks.  Okay, but I don’t want to leave it at that.  Could you imagine if everything was super easy?  It would take the excitement out of things.  You might not have that driving force to put yourself above the rest. If it were so simple, everyone would be a millionaire right now or at the very least to be doing something that they love.

Alright, maybe I’ve gotten a little sidetracked, I see you looking at the title and thinking, “Hey Devin, what does this have to do with dressing like a millionaire?  You know what scratch that, I’m not a millionaire I can’t dress will million-dollar clothing!”  To which I will look you right in the face and say…


Okay so granted we aren’t millionaires in our endeavors yet, (don’t rule it out because when you work hard, anything is possible) back at the subject at hand though, what I mean is if you wear something that makes you feel terrific that confidence will shine through.   I plan to find my own clothing style that’ll boost my confidence- well.., okay more accurately it will just mean that I will feel more like myself, think about it as customizing your avatar in a video game except for the avatar is you and you’re controlling yourself!

This is just the start of the great things in the future!

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The wrong coffee

There’s this drink. It’s just a drink, nothing too special about it aside from the fact that it tasted good the one time a friend afforded me the opportunity to try it. That is where this quest was born. There is no deeper meaning behind it. I am not trying to recreate some memory that is buried behind trauma. Nope the taste was exquisite and I want to have it sooth my tongue once more. So here I sit; I am with the wrong drink again. The taste is good in its own right but definitely not what I was hoping to get. I tried naming what I thought it was based solely on the memory it was cold and sweet; a Carmel mocha I was sure. Close but not quite. As the drink was brewed and the machines rumbled, I kept an eye on the menu. Having it iced was an option. It was an option that I didn’t select. The one who works there is a great crafter, and I hadn’t the heart to say I’d made a mistake. So I let it happen. I took the drink and sat at a table. Boom it was done. I took a sip and the hotness tried to hit my taste buds But it was perfect just the amount of heat. I accept my problem, learning from it so next time things will be different.

John Wick chapter 3: Further expanding the world

The interesting thing about the violence of John Wick, is while it’s abundant, the world that this character inhabits gets progressively bigger with each step. Each movie expands what this world is, what is going to happen, The potential of the characters, the debts put in place. The factions that exist and their relation to the omnipresent High Table. Everything feels expanded but in a reasonable way to where when you learn about it, you say, “Okay that makes sense, of course there is someone working that.”

Another thing that is quite impressive is the humanity of it all, none of the characters feel invincible, they struggle bleed catch their breath, so when you’re watching it it’s not some much on worrying if he’s gonna make it, (this man is an unstoppable badass) the real worries is how. What crazy thing is this man going to do to get out of this situation. As Anakin Skywalker once put it. “This is where the fun begins.” And with we’re off! One thing I really enjoyed was as you watch this movie, you too trigger your own John Wick instincts and you are analyzing the scene with Wick thinking, how can he dispatch these guys. It is quite entertaining to watch in the moment scanning the environment and seeing the creative ways that people will die. One problem did have with the film was some of the fights do drag on a bit, particularly the one where people kick John around for a good minute, now as much as I would love to completely hate on this scene, I really can’t because it beat him down and reminds you that that he is just a guy and no matter how bad ass you are there is a good chance your still gonna take a beating from time to time.

So all in all this definitely a film worth seeing at some point, I can definitely argue that seeing it in theaters will have the greatest impact but hey just make sure that you see this one.

Well college is back!

You know college is coming back! I’m not really chomping at the bit to go back, but then if you really think about it any bit of knowledge is beneficial, are you gonna use math every waking day of your life?

I mean probably not… I mean today’s world hand holds you on math.. unless you become a math professor or a…engineering degree… you can probably guess that math is not my strong suit so… wait where was I going with this? Oh yeah… so like even if college isn’t your favorite thing in the world it is still knowledge which can help you in your bigger dreams, that is the important thing to remember today!

In a field

It happens to the best of us, where you sit there and wonder what you are doing. Perhaps you are laying there dramatically in a field as you type this…. No? Just me…. Well thats cool, fun fact about lying in fields, perhaps you have heard of the author Douglas Adams, in the beginning of his books there is usually a forward that starts the book saying, “The idea for the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy came to me while I was lying drunk in a field….”

Now for poetry’s sake…. Ahem, the idea for this post came to me while I was lying drunk in a field…. Just kidding I can’t drink, so yeah sometimes you get real introspective in a field or not, like why are we here… honestly I think that is for us to decide… but today I wanna ask you, “Why are you here?” Let’s talk about it!

A new me!

You know how it goes, a new year a new me! But why is that? Why don’t we just wake up one day and decide to change? I think we want to but the thing about the new year, or perhaps even the minor resets like Sunday or even the beginning of a new month is…. It feels fresh. A great option to change yourself for the better.

Perhaps you saw the memes, the ones that said something like, “Well I messed up on my resolution on the second day, I guess now I gotta wait till next year!” It is pretty humorous I will admit. The thing is though, you need to remember that you can’t stop after one screw up, tempting as it may be, it is something that you have to remember from yesterdays post which you can find here. It would be as if when you see the words You Died and then proceeded to never play the game again. If you stop so easily then you will never beat the game and then you probably will not have the success that you want, so wether you are trying to complete a new years resolution or beat a game, you must keep going don’t let one day of mess ups stop you.

For instance I have lately have been trying to work out more, well as you might have guessed I have missed a day here and there. I was sad for a second but then I thought to myself, “Well i’ve been working hard, I can have today off, granted by the time I realized that I hadn’t worked out it was already 9 pm. That’s it though, I took that day and got back on my goal the next one!

Dark Soul’s 3 A weird Metaphor for adulthood

I’ve recently been playing Dark Souls 3…. Truthfully I’m not very good at it. It’s true there are people who can play the game really well. I am not one of them.. I get crushed stepped to on stabbed, you name it, its probably happened, if not to me then at least someone who has played the game has..

So it was my second trying to boot up this game, you know the drill you make a character give either a really cool role play -ee name or something stupid that you would probably be embarrassed about if your mother walked, you know like those times you were sneaking into the GTA V strip clubs and you decidedly believed in god for five minutes hoping that you won’t be walked in on? It happens anyways and your sad… forced to explain away why you were looking at game boobs…. At least you get to do it over a bowl of Mac and cheese. So if you want your mom to walk in saying Mac and cheese ready, go for that embarrassing name, life is yours to live…

Where was I going with this? Oh right… Adulthood… see that title was important. When the game boots up and you are off into the world you stand up like you are rising out of the ashes reborn and ready for the next chapter that is there. If this is your first time playing, you go forward with a skip in your step, because you don’t know what is ahead of you. Now think back to when you were walking across that stage people were cheering you on and you felt like you were on top of the world, you were rising from the ashes of being a high school student you feel like you can do anything and you rush forward. You don’t know much but the whole world is out in front of you and it is all yours. It’s yours to conquer… that is until you get hit by your first enemy and you have the sudden realization of…

Oh wait this is gonna hurt….

Everything feels awkward, the controls are slow and each movement feels important, “Okay” you say to yourself.. “I just need to be careful…”. So you do and it works.. for around two seconds until you get stabbed by one of the undead monk enemies and then your health is cut down a third, you stumble, Your hand seizies up and you get hit by multiple slashes that knocks you down, those now famous words pop up on screen. YOU DIED. There is a sort of release in the tension as if the world is let you breath, you feel calm again and start again rising up.

This is kind of how life goes, you’re pushed down by a failure, and you are shocked, thats okay, who wouldn’t be. You tried to succeed and yet you failed. It’s a little irritating but you try again and make it a little farther, then maybe you mess up again, maybe you don’t… there you go.. a few steps forward one step back, this game, much like life will beat you up, but with each bit of progress you need to remember that the only thing that is stopping you from beating it is you. There will be times where the world feels empty and you’re going at it alone. There will be moments where things feel unbeatable, like the first boss of the game, it will feel impossible bit if you keep at it just like you would in life Victory will be Achieved


Don’t be afraid to sleep when sad… it’ll help you process life and allow you to tackle the next day!

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