A New Me!​

You ever wake up in the morning and have an idea, but then most times after you think you have the idea, you realize that it is much easier to just dream about how great the plan would be if you would take the time to act on it?  I mean, maybe that’s is what I’m saying, that I’m done having ideas and only going, man, that would be so cool if I sit down and put these ideas into action.  Maybe that is the issue, to some extent, it is easier just to dream.  I mean really think about it, close your eyes, fall asleep and bam! You’re dreaming!

As much as I am ashamed to admit, I started working on this post yesterday on January  7th and then I went on to dream about how awsome it would be if I could get everything going in an amazing direction…   So screw it, things are gonna be hard but if youwant to pull a dream into reality it’s bound to be right?  Well I have a  pllan I want to better myself, start conversations and get myself out there, it may be be the hardest part but I’m sure if you and I decide to jump into our goals we will look back on this now and we may look back on this and say we took control and our dreams come true…

Yeah I’m sure that sounds super cheesy, but it’s okay life needs some cheese to make it taste better!  And sure the power may be off at the moment but it isnt permanent!







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