Disabilities and other fun things

You’ve probably seen some movies….  the ones that seem to go out of their way to portray the teen life in high school.  Those moves always feel off to me in a way,  And well I’m going to try to explain it.  Maybe you’ll find it to be an exciting thing to hear about, well, either way; you never know until you try.

So it went like  I was watching the movie “Edge of Seventeen” (My thoughts on the film itself may come later) and I was continuously thinking about how odd it was that these characters were doing all these crazy things.  I mean crazy more like going out solo to parties or heck going swimming and hanging out with friends.  I know, super wild, right?

I couldn’t put the finger on why I never did much in my recently ended high school career, so I continued watching while that thought continued to burrow itself into the back of my mind.  After about another twenty minutes of the film passing by. It hit me quick, “Oh yeah I have cerebral palsy.

The main reason I bring it up like this is that up until this point you didn’t know that I had a disability at all.   That is all well and good if you meet someone with a disability there is a good chance that they are there mentally yet unable to do some physical things, and quite honestly to me, that is probably the weirdest thing about the whole thing. I don’t think about it usually because mentally I am just like everyone else

I suppose the whole point I am making with this post is that despite having a disability it is best not to compare yourself to others because well you are not someone else. And sometimes that’s hard to accept, I know from personal experience that at times the disability does get to me at times but as I have always thought, take what you have and do your best with it.


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