The Craziness of publishing the last post

Okay so, you may have read my last post about disabilities, well in truth that post was no simple task to create.  Usually, I start posts the night before as it allows me to make things more refined because more refinement is better right?  I was working on the post up until around midnight, and that is when I decided to take a break for the night.

On the next day when I was doing the finishing touches, I went to finally let my work out into the world for you to read.  I hit publish!  And then I was greeted by the message that I am sure many others have dreaded as well, “Could not publish…”   After trying to deal with the sudden strangeness of about twenty minutes, I forced myself to take a break…

After that, I came back with a sad realization I would have to lose over half of the progress I had made the previous night.  So I closed the page and restarted,  I guess that brings me to what I learned from  the whole  ordeal is that if you find life pushing back on you and it is hard to move forward, if you do keep moving forward the frustration will become a distant memory and the part you will cherish most is the fact that you succeeded!

Have a great weekend!

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