Having a Dream…

Today happens to Martin Luther King Jr. day, and that got me thinking about him. As silly as it may sound, (or perhaps it is cliched) he had a dream and then acted on it, and I think that pretty accurately depict what you and I are trying to do with our lives.  I mean if you think about, this man had to do his very best to fight those around him because they did not all believe in what he did.  There were those who followed him but he pushed push ever harder to get what he wanted.

Now, this is something that happened to me when I was much younger.  Walking has never been an easy thing for me, with cerebral palsy being a pretty significant factor in my life but apparently, some doctors took, one look at me and said, “Get that kid a wheelchair he’ll  never walk.

Could you imagine, if my parents said oh okay forget trying and pushing yourself, sit in the wheelchair.  Now I don’t know every single person’s experience with cerebral palsy, but there are going to be times when people look at you and say that there is no way you are going to be able to particular things and it’s up to up to you to prove them wrong. And then maybe laugh at them as you walk around not needing a wheelchair.  But the critical part of all is to push yourself because you will undoubtedly be better off with a push in the right direction!




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