Writing a post!

You ever sit down to write a blog post and realize suddenly that you really don’t know what to say today…  Then you wonder to yourself, oh man why am I even doing this,  well in case that opening sentence made you exclaim, “Hey that’s just like me!”

Okay first off not every day is going a mind-boggling explosion of inspiration.   I’ll be one to admit that it would be genuinely phenomenal if every waking moment were a significant, overpowering stream of game-changing ideas but as I like saying with balance, is that to understand or truly appreciate the moments that are a fresh inspiration.  So with that in mind, you and I  are able to figure out the best moment of inspiration.  We all need to figure out how to push through the dry spells where you don’t know what to do, technically there is no need to worry if an idea is terrible, more so if it can work with you best!  Maybe this post helped to get you through writer’s block.  Good luck with what you are writing next!

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