Using the past to better yourself!

I was thinking recently about the past, and most likely everybody has looked at their history and thought,”Oh man, I wish I would have done certain things differently.” Well, I feel like sometimes I get wrapped up in those moments repeatedly.  I. mean think about it, we are all human, so for me to sit there and say I thought this once and never again …

That sounds cool, and the makes me think man I’m so grown up and mature,(ironically this loops back on itself and makes me feel like a child saying that) but anyway… I would dwell on it regularly, but eventually, I thought that I would look at those events more in a new light.

Now I try my best to look at things as if it is a way to improve myself. Say, in high school, you wer3e a timid student, use that as an opportunity to say okay now I’m going to figure out how to be more outgoing.

I feel like that is an important thing to think about, and it will allow you to continue to grow as a person!  So the next time you are feeling down just remember that you can use these feeling to better yourself!





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