Dealing with things while the world is going a bit crazy

We’ve all had those days, your working hard at your dreams because I know you that is what we both do as much as possible.  We are running, life is moving forward, and progress is being made, but at the same time the world is also moving forward, and of course, there are many things that we are unable to control.

The feeling is never fun when you become aware of your inability to control all things that you will be affected by, at first there is a feeling of doom,”What am I going to do?”  As the news is on and something is happening not to you personally, but for some strange reason your brain goes oh man everything is screwed, if the government does this… then-then the world will explode or something else that is also highly improbable.

I feel like I just experienced a feeling like this I was listening to the news and as usual, they were doing the very best to get a reaction out of you, probably scare you so that you don’t know what to do…

Well, here’s my plan to deal with stuff like this, keep going (Devin you say that a lot) to which I tell you, that’s true!  I do but, I feel like the universe is testing us.  It’s like saying to us,”Hey  I know that this thing that you are working is a big deal to you but here is a giant  thing to pull your focus!  So what I plan  to do is not letting these events get to me.  It’s good to be aware of things but don’t ;et it drag you away from your goals.

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