Doing Better!

A few days ago I became sick and, it was somewhat difficult for me to get up because being sick had become so draining, Well as I cruise out of a lane of sickness and I float back into my original driven self.

I find it interesting how when you are sick, at least in my case, you almost forget what it is like to feel good, mostly I think it is due to living so firmly in the moment that it is nearly impossible to things as they were before you get sick.  And then after you are no longer able to accurately remember what it was like to be sick you are put into this sort of unbearable loop.

Despite all of this when  I start to feel sick, the feeling of wellness is completely drained, so as of today I have come up with an idea.  To just try my very best to be happy when I’m not sick and then when I, of course, hit that part of my life when I become sick again, I’ll let this be a moment where I am even more grateful when I’m not ill!

What do you think when you’re sick? What do you do to push through it? If you enjoy my posts feel free to follow to see everything in the future!

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