The art of perspective

So  I was thinking about life last night, I was writing my stories in the middle of the night, and shortly after a few minutes I got moderately sidetracked and found myself drifting back to Facebook.  I saw some people acting sad and others who were happy, and at the moment I was not feeling the most comfortable…

I mean heck I have cerebral palsy, and that can get me down on some days, so as I was looking at my friends doing all kinds of fantastic physical activities, (though technically from my perspective the ability to jump is the coolest thing ever), and I was sad. But then out of nowhere, a memory came flooding back to me.

I was with a big group of people, probably 150 or so, and we were doing a sort of, look at all of us together, for the after-school program.  At a certain  point, everyone was asked to jump up in the air with our hands up.  That was something I couldn’t do so I did the next best thing I could think to do at the time… I smiled and tried to look my best.

After I first saw the picture, I was embarrassed as everyone else was seemingly floating, and for some time I was self-conscious. But eventually, I started to see how it was all funny in a way because I saw it now was like this, I was the one grounded so that the rest would not fly away into the sun! I even later went on to others about this, and it made them laugh too, I mean nobody is perfect, so sometimes it is best to dance with your flaws and make something fresh out of it!

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