A transition time!

You ever sit down after doing something for a long while, and now you have a break in your midst, and you like to freak out wondering what’s going to happen? You feel as though maybe you’ve done something wrong?

Weirdly enough that happened to me. I mean I’m human, so I am bound to make mistakes however there is the weird feeling that I’m not living correctly but then again as they say perfection is impossible.  If it were possible it probably wouldn’t be perfect so like now here I sit writing this post.  I just had a mental click where things made sense  possibly it was my father mentioning that I was doing this, however part of the issue is I always find myself to be mentally uncomfortable on the first few days on a break  and perhaps that is the problem, I feel like I’m inadequate and become overly harsh and I’ll be the first to admit that is kinds of all ridiculous.

So here we are!  I’m calm now, and I have decided that it’s way out like take time to just do fun things and you don’t always need to be breaking into an industry or doing the next big deal, mostly because if your crazy but a millionaire.. what precisely the point of this?  Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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