Dark Soul’s 3 A weird Metaphor for adulthood

I’ve recently been playing Dark Souls 3…. Truthfully I’m not very good at it. It’s true there are people who can play the game really well. I am not one of them.. I get crushed stepped to on stabbed, you name it, its probably happened, if not to me then at least someone who has played the game has..

So it was my second trying to boot up this game, you know the drill you make a character give either a really cool role play -ee name or something stupid that you would probably be embarrassed about if your mother walked, you know like those times you were sneaking into the GTA V strip clubs and you decidedly believed in god for five minutes hoping that you won’t be walked in on? It happens anyways and your sad… forced to explain away why you were looking at game boobs…. At least you get to do it over a bowl of Mac and cheese. So if you want your mom to walk in saying Mac and cheese ready, go for that embarrassing name, life is yours to live…

Where was I going with this? Oh right… Adulthood… see that title was important. When the game boots up and you are off into the world you stand up like you are rising out of the ashes reborn and ready for the next chapter that is there. If this is your first time playing, you go forward with a skip in your step, because you don’t know what is ahead of you. Now think back to when you were walking across that stage people were cheering you on and you felt like you were on top of the world, you were rising from the ashes of being a high school student you feel like you can do anything and you rush forward. You don’t know much but the whole world is out in front of you and it is all yours. It’s yours to conquer… that is until you get hit by your first enemy and you have the sudden realization of…

Oh wait this is gonna hurt….

Everything feels awkward, the controls are slow and each movement feels important, “Okay” you say to yourself.. “I just need to be careful…”. So you do and it works.. for around two seconds until you get stabbed by one of the undead monk enemies and then your health is cut down a third, you stumble, Your hand seizies up and you get hit by multiple slashes that knocks you down, those now famous words pop up on screen. YOU DIED. There is a sort of release in the tension as if the world is let you breath, you feel calm again and start again rising up.

This is kind of how life goes, you’re pushed down by a failure, and you are shocked, thats okay, who wouldn’t be. You tried to succeed and yet you failed. It’s a little irritating but you try again and make it a little farther, then maybe you mess up again, maybe you don’t… there you go.. a few steps forward one step back, this game, much like life will beat you up, but with each bit of progress you need to remember that the only thing that is stopping you from beating it is you. There will be times where the world feels empty and you’re going at it alone. There will be moments where things feel unbeatable, like the first boss of the game, it will feel impossible bit if you keep at it just like you would in life Victory will be Achieved

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