A new me!

You know how it goes, a new year a new me! But why is that? Why don’t we just wake up one day and decide to change? I think we want to but the thing about the new year, or perhaps even the minor resets like Sunday or even the beginning of a new month is…. It feels fresh. A great option to change yourself for the better.

Perhaps you saw the memes, the ones that said something like, “Well I messed up on my resolution on the second day, I guess now I gotta wait till next year!” It is pretty humorous I will admit. The thing is though, you need to remember that you can’t stop after one screw up, tempting as it may be, it is something that you have to remember from yesterdays post which you can find here. It would be as if when you see the words You Died and then proceeded to never play the game again. If you stop so easily then you will never beat the game and then you probably will not have the success that you want, so wether you are trying to complete a new years resolution or beat a game, you must keep going don’t let one day of mess ups stop you.

For instance I have lately have been trying to work out more, well as you might have guessed I have missed a day here and there. I was sad for a second but then I thought to myself, “Well i’ve been working hard, I can have today off, granted by the time I realized that I hadn’t worked out it was already 9 pm. That’s it though, I took that day and got back on my goal the next one!

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