The wrong coffee

There’s this drink. It’s just a drink, nothing too special about it aside from the fact that it tasted good the one time a friend afforded me the opportunity to try it. That is where this quest was born. There is no deeper meaning behind it. I am not trying to recreate some memory that is buried behind trauma. Nope the taste was exquisite and I want to have it sooth my tongue once more. So here I sit; I am with the wrong drink again. The taste is good in its own right but definitely not what I was hoping to get. I tried naming what I thought it was based solely on the memory it was cold and sweet; a Carmel mocha I was sure. Close but not quite. As the drink was brewed and the machines rumbled, I kept an eye on the menu. Having it iced was an option. It was an option that I didn’t select. The one who works there is a great crafter, and I hadn’t the heart to say I’d made a mistake. So I let it happen. I took the drink and sat at a table. Boom it was done. I took a sip and the hotness tried to hit my taste buds But it was perfect just the amount of heat. I accept my problem, learning from it so next time things will be different.

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