Cinnamon Rolls

I was with my dad while he was making cinnamon rolls, nothing too crazy about that in the outlook. It was not something that normally happens with us so there so thinking of those rolls, the way they disintegrate in your mouth into these flakey sheets. What is even better is when this treat (sometimes breakfast,) in this case that is what it was. So after he was finishing placing the frosting across the buns. I thought back to the way I remember the taste, almost too sweet but it also called back to a simpler time . One of a childhood, imagine the great excitement I felt when I was able to take the last remaining bit of frosting out of the container. It was likely to be gone quickly but that remnants of flavor was something that simply had to be savored. So that is what I did. After it was gone I had a desire to get more of that feeling back. As I got every little bit out of the container a thought crossed my mind, we alway push for more and to grow. I was beginning to think of keeping the filing going, we have always had desire to grow Bill Gates, who created Microsoft, kept working and building until he made something far bigger than himself. So let us keep searching for that bigger and better frosting on those cinnamon buns, lets make something delicious!

This post was made while listening to the following songs

  • Home (from the UNDERTALE Soundtrack)
  • I Still Love You and Your Reality (From Doki Doki Literature club soundtrack)

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