The time on a clock

I woke up this morning. It was still dark out. The leaves and branches were brushing across my window and it made me think about streams, the water rushing by a simple peaceful thought. Something that I wanted to hold onto matter what. I glanced over to my clock, it reads out to be 2:15. That is perfect. There are many hours left to sleep and rest. I close my eyes again and with that it becomes 4:30, the time that I must wake. I think to myself, “No not quite yet.”. I close my eyes again. Boom 4:40, not so bad, I get up, still able to hear the ocean leaves. Water kickstarts my system and with that I hop into the shower. When I get out, the clock, in those blocky digital numbers, reads SOS. Only 10 minutes, not bad. The sky developes the transition between blues. In a few minutes I lose my wallet watch a video on YouTube and then put my shoes all around 5:35. I slip my backpack on brush my teeth, my life feels fine as I jump into the car it happens in a breath then this post came to me, 5:55.


Confessions of a dangerous mind (Logic)

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