It is often something we don’t think about, it is ours yes. We are somewhat in control the choice should be a straight line ball intent and purpose but then we add the realistic part of that our choices do affect other no matter how slightly, If you’re anything like me you have a habit of thinking what others need which may cause you to not figure out what you want to do. I was recently playing The Banner Saga . It is very choice heavy where you have to help your caravan. You are often really careful trying to make sure that everyone makes it, then something happened where I realized that this is easy it’s a game if anything goes horribly wrong you can just reload a save.

We both know that real life doesn’t have such a luxury so we are afraid to just go for it. It’s what we gotta do in order to live life to the fullest we carve our own path in an unknowing world hoping that things work out so make those choices don’t be afraid!

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