How to Train your Dragon Review or more accurately a reflection of my life while these characters grew up alongside me

This series started back when I was very young. I think it would be safe to say I was around ten. I don’t remember the exact details but in the shorthand of it. My family wanted to see this thing bad, so that is what we did, that’s the story with no pay off no build but it was a lot more than that . I remember when we pulled up to that theatre. Among my family it had garnered the name of The ship or The Titanic theatre, as a fun aside there going to be another 3 to 4 years before the true name of the place was cemented in my mind.

Anyways… I remember something my Nana said, “Oh I think we’re going to see a movie about training your Dragon, it’s no big deal.” My sister and I were both beaming with excitement and thoroughly enjoyed it, the characters almost as old as we were, the sequel, we saw as well in different times with different people and a different mindset. It was fascinating to see that the characters had grown to be different people with. The sequels didn’t skip a mere day, no instead it was several years, so like me the characters had grown to be different with their experiences. So that really resonated with me this is not just a sequel, this a continuation. Everything was upped but in a grander way. It all made sense.

The third one is no different, again the characters are aged up, but here’s the thing, with the third installment there is a strong sense of finality, and thats when I realized something, these two sequels weren’t made with money on the mind, though I am certain they all made sizable profit. They were made with a real story to tell, I have changed a lot over the years these characters have too, Where they ended up I never would have made such a guess. Now sure your life isn’t a cartoon that has writers and directors, (aside from yourself of course) but we don’t know where we are going but certainly it will wow us when we get there. These films feel much more like passion projects, let us try to make our lives the next one. As that movie ended that was what came to me, as well as George Lucas mentioning symmetry so that it rhymed.

Music used during this post

Dillion (Hellblade’s ost)

The veil of night (professor Layton )

End theme) Professor Layton

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