Cats who eat things

I was walking home today, saw a cat. It saw me we. We locked eyes, you know that look where there’s a question of whose really in control . “It’s totally me,” you say, that is the funny fun thing, we all think we are the ones in control but are we really? This cat I know, decided that the wires for my headset would be delicious. I found it this morning all shredded. That sucks I thought, though my inner monolog was more akin to what Dave told Simon in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, though with some variant for the context of the situation. “If you my stuff you’re dead, out on the street!” Honestly the thought of throwing them out over such things is mostly hilarious and pretty much assured to never happen cause cats aren’t fully aware of what is okay… maybe… or it’s possible they bail on us thinking that. Who knows truly.

Music for this post

Helios (feat. Wayne Snow)

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