Skyrim the creative stimulant

Skyrim is probably one of the best games that I have played. To me in recent efforts to replay it there is the realization that it is actually a creative stimulant. One of my favorite things to do is the game is to create a character and then build up a story on how they go to the different plot lines. This game is weird because instead of just fighting every last enemy I saw and doing everything for the sake of doing everything I was constructing a narrative deep within my head to justify things happening. This wasn’t an average play through instead this was the epic tale of how a dark elf was running from his homeland of Morrowwind all in an effort to better himself but in turn actually ushering himself down a dark path he must later find a way to redeem himself in his own eyes, as he was a little too skilled in the line of shadow, no one knew who he was so at the end of his journey he joins the Companions to redeem himself do good in his twilight years you could say. More or less.

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