Skyrim In using the skill

Now you can easily assume that I am deeply into Skyrim I have put many many hours into it. Across many different playthroughs, I have been a mage a thief and even a tradition warrior. Once I did that the charters started to become more multifaceted. Almost more in tune to how people are. They all have unique skills, and I was thinking about it really if I were a real part of that world I would want to have as many options to defend myself.  It was possible, so of course, my character dabbled in stealth to have a leg up on his enemies to allow for him to get through the battlefield without being seen.  This further allowing him to grasp an understanding of his surroundings, Archery was vital because it also allowed for some weaker targets to be removed from the equation without much of a fuss. A few hours in the dark elf realized he needed an even better way to defend himself, The world was ruthless he thought so his quest to perfect his skills in summoning so in a mere moment he began to check if remembered any skills he may have seen while talking to any court wizards.

In a sense something we often overlook is the fact that when needs to develop a new skill arise we think it’s too late probably not it’s only too late it only is when we think so.

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