The Hobbit Book!

So now you know that gaming is what got me into the Tolkien work.. it surprised me quite a bit that a game was based on a book. Shocked pikachu face. Wow it used direct quotes from the book! Whoa! The levels are named after the chapters!! (Give or take one, Troll-hole, though you can’t blame them for that one, a level called, a short rest really wouldn’t make much sense. Eventually I was able to read the actual book. It read a lot like a father telling his children a bedtime story with a mystical air even in the darker of times. My favorite point of this, is when Tolkien writes, ‘You would have laughed , (from a safe distance )’ mentioning how yes technically this is a horrible thing the dwarves are dealing with… but you gotta admit it could be funny seeing their beards wagging off in the distance. Keeping it light yet adventurous.

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