Better yourself by doing things

Where have I been?? So basically I can’t type fast, so I sat in my room and thought hey gotta start somewhere. Obviously or not so, I thought to myself hey gotta start with the something, so in a moment I decided that I would improve my skills on typing. That is what has been done for many of the past few days. Just keeping things going. I have audio books going so I have this constant stream of new information going. Different ways to read and write coming in, inspiring me among other things. It is weird I do feel like I am getting smarter as I practice daily and listen more though I do have to remember things are just getting started so here I sit, my speed getting faster.

Weird days

Everyone has them it’s this thing where things feel fine right about up to the point where you realize.. holy crap I didn’t do much today but there is tomorrow and there is time to have a good day as well.

Losing my streak

So I have been unbelievably busy in the previous few days, as you all might know, or equally so might not know my sisters both recently graduated from their respective grades, so obviously I was partying like a mad man and there was a lot of food. Okay honestly, that is only a half truth, there was food but the partying was minimal to non existent we did actually go to the apple store and go through the motions of creating a few emojis, admittedly the final character in my trio was much more akin to a symbol, one that was supposed to represent a part of myself. As much as I love the craft, I am a better smith with words than outright images. So anyways when I was finally able to touch base at home, I sat there and realized that I hadn’t spoken much of anything substantial recently. I thought to myself, now is as good of time as any to correct these mistakes if we can even call it such. I think part the problem is the fear of error, maybe I’m actually doing fine and I just have to trust that everything done is building towards those moments of being perfect every day I mark towards the goal of success! It doesn’t matter that I missed a day by the technicality of WordPress, What matters is that I am still here today and tomorrow to see things rolling no matter the stumbling.

John Wick chapter 3: Further expanding the world

The interesting thing about the violence of John Wick, is while it’s abundant, the world that this character inhabits gets progressively bigger with each step. Each movie expands what this world is, what is going to happen, The potential of the characters, the debts put in place. The factions that exist and their relation to the omnipresent High Table. Everything feels expanded but in a reasonable way to where when you learn about it, you say, “Okay that makes sense, of course there is someone working that.”

Another thing that is quite impressive is the humanity of it all, none of the characters feel invincible, they struggle bleed catch their breath, so when you’re watching it it’s not some much on worrying if he’s gonna make it, (this man is an unstoppable badass) the real worries is how. What crazy thing is this man going to do to get out of this situation. As Anakin Skywalker once put it. “This is where the fun begins.” And with we’re off! One thing I really enjoyed was as you watch this movie, you too trigger your own John Wick instincts and you are analyzing the scene with Wick thinking, how can he dispatch these guys. It is quite entertaining to watch in the moment scanning the environment and seeing the creative ways that people will die. One problem did have with the film was some of the fights do drag on a bit, particularly the one where people kick John around for a good minute, now as much as I would love to completely hate on this scene, I really can’t because it beat him down and reminds you that that he is just a guy and no matter how bad ass you are there is a good chance your still gonna take a beating from time to time.

So all in all this definitely a film worth seeing at some point, I can definitely argue that seeing it in theaters will have the greatest impact but hey just make sure that you see this one.

A transition time!

You ever sit down after doing something for a long while, and now you have a break in your midst, and you like to freak out wondering what’s going to happen? You feel as though maybe you’ve done something wrong?

Weirdly enough that happened to me. I mean I’m human, so I am bound to make mistakes however there is the weird feeling that I’m not living correctly but then again as they say perfection is impossible.  If it were possible it probably wouldn’t be perfect so like now here I sit writing this post.  I just had a mental click where things made sense  possibly it was my father mentioning that I was doing this, however part of the issue is I always find myself to be mentally uncomfortable on the first few days on a break  and perhaps that is the problem, I feel like I’m inadequate and become overly harsh and I’ll be the first to admit that is kinds of all ridiculous.

So here we are!  I’m calm now, and I have decided that it’s way out like take time to just do fun things and you don’t always need to be breaking into an industry or doing the next big deal, mostly because if your crazy but a millionaire.. what precisely the point of this?  Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Songs that are connected!

Music is one of my favorite things,  its something that  I find to help me move through life and my day to day thoughts. Today I was listening to ODESZA and I noticed that before  the song a moment apart and then beforehand  there was the song Intro, well it is just that it feels like a begining to the next song.  I actually tried to listen to the second song without the first half and  it felt like there was something missing… but whrn you listen to both songs back to back it it tells a full story!

Tell me what you think below in the commments

The Weekend!

I don’t know about you, but the weekend is a favorite time of mine because for some time you can do want and really focus on it or perhaps you can kick back and watch movies.  If you think about it, it’s a lot like when some big plot wraps up in a television show, and the following episode is just them taking a breather.

In the anime Soul Eater, the characters finish off an intense battle with a villain…. And spend the next episode playing basketball.  When I was younger, I did have a hard time. Understanding this as all I could really think was “Dang it guys, there is an unspeakable evil out there, and all you’re doing is playing a game!”

As I have grown older, I have come to better understand this, life is not all work, and it is not all play.  When we can strike a balance between the two, it can help us develop an appreciation of both.  So when you feel like you want to take a break for some time that is all ok just don’t forget to get moving once more soon!


The Craziness of publishing the last post

Okay so, you may have read my last post about disabilities, well in truth that post was no simple task to create.  Usually, I start posts the night before as it allows me to make things more refined because more refinement is better right?  I was working on the post up until around midnight, and that is when I decided to take a break for the night.

On the next day when I was doing the finishing touches, I went to finally let my work out into the world for you to read.  I hit publish!  And then I was greeted by the message that I am sure many others have dreaded as well, “Could not publish…”   After trying to deal with the sudden strangeness of about twenty minutes, I forced myself to take a break…

After that, I came back with a sad realization I would have to lose over half of the progress I had made the previous night.  So I closed the page and restarted,  I guess that brings me to what I learned from  the whole  ordeal is that if you find life pushing back on you and it is hard to move forward, if you do keep moving forward the frustration will become a distant memory and the part you will cherish most is the fact that you succeeded!

Have a great weekend!

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