The Hobbit Book!

So now you know that gaming is what got me into the Tolkien work.. it surprised me quite a bit that a game was based on a book. Shocked pikachu face. Wow it used direct quotes from the book! Whoa! The levels are named after the chapters!! (Give or take one, Troll-hole, though you can’t blame them for that one, a level called, a short rest really wouldn’t make much sense. Eventually I was able to read the actual book. It read a lot like a father telling his children a bedtime story with a mystical air even in the darker of times. My favorite point of this, is when Tolkien writes, ‘You would have laughed , (from a safe distance )’ mentioning how yes technically this is a horrible thing the dwarves are dealing with… but you gotta admit it could be funny seeing their beards wagging off in the distance. Keeping it light yet adventurous.

Keep hope burning

Though it is true that things are dark right now wether or not people want to believe it or not. It is nut certainly things could be looking better in the months that follow. It is really hard to say what the truth may be in current moments, it brings me to the quote by Spock to… Younger Spock Put aside logic do what feels right. I guess I say this because…. Well I feel like despite alll the darkness that is swarming in the world my heart tells me that there still must be good at some point too so we need only to hold out a bit longer hopefully. May you remain safe in then coming days!

Translations (The Witcher)

I’m reading the Witcher, written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It’s good, the one thing that bugs me is, is am I actually reading the words of the author, or that of the translator’s Danusia Stok, after a curiosity forming, of wether or not she was polish born, I found myself on a page that says she was born and raised in England.

Are there words in Poland that don’t exist in the English lexicon, (short answer is yes there are phrases that lack sense to the American). And with that is this the same story that was written. My best guess would be a yes, stories were transferred through history verbally with minor tweaks to the understanding so this is probably no different, my only hope is that authorial Intent is still soundly intact.

Air high

I think the most intoxicating thing about Vegas is the mixture of cigarettes, the noise of lose and gain. Lose is far more frequent, depending upon the perspective you use.

A lose for you is a gain for them.

Then there’s the opposite

A gain for you is a loss for them.

But it balances out, play smart and everything stays symmetrical.

A deep breath and you’ve pulled in the high