The actual music part of this

I know what you’re thinking. This place is called Music of life right? Where is the music portion?  That’s a great question.  in fact, it has been one thing I have been thinking quite a bit lately so like I suppose that I have a plan of sorts to like talk about different music and like a song to start with would be the one by Bowling for soup called almost. It’s essentially about a guy who almost does things but like never really does so. If you think about it life is a series of decisions that can be almost done or actually done so like the next time you want to do something will you do it or almost do it?


The little flower grows surely but also slowly.  That is how ideas go as the flower grows past the dirt to grab at the blue sky…  I want this to be real, more than just a passing feeling.  Is that what this is?  We can’t be sure yet, still, we must try.  Try until you are sitting there doing whatever it is you feel accomplished and you are doing that thing… whatever it may be.  We can all be like the flower reaching toward the sky.

Becoming Stronger

Yesterday I made a promise to myself.  There is always that feeling of doubt about what is going to happen.  I’m sure you’ve felt this way.  Imagine it, you want something, and it’s not going to easy.  If you want it, you’ll push through the tough time and into the brighter horizon.

This was how it felt when I started exercising, my body didn’t want to do any of the exercisings, and I felt like I needed to fight tooth and nail to get the correct movements down.  It was most uncomfortable for me as my body does try to do things as quickly as possible with less effort.  I wish I could go up and tell you, “Yeah actually this is entirely intentional, and I could do it right any time, but that would be me lying to you, and honestly I don’t see the point of that.  The cerebral palsy manifests itself in weird ways and this is just one of them, but you know what they say… Every day it gets a little easier, but you have to do it every day.


When a time that you wanted to push yourself to be stronger?  Was it hard to get the momentum going?  Do you have any advice for other in the comments?  Don’t forget to follow and share this with your friends if you think it may benefit them!

The Summer to better yourself!

I honestly went through a bit of a rough patch recently.  The Spring Semester had just ended, and I again had that flux of feelings.  You know, the kind where you go, “What the Fudge am I doing?  I wasn’t in the best feelings. Like it was a big smack in the face. I was thinking to myself that I needed to fix my issues…

Now hold on, I know what you’re thinking wait you can’t just fix your disability overnight! True but I want to improve and make it easier to walk and become more physically active. And I want to find out of if you desire to follow this journey with me.  Take my hand, And together we’ll grow to be physically active!


So today I started writing, it’ll be a book more so a fantasy arrangement, it is a world that yet born.  The world looks as though there is potential to be something significant… We hope but are not sure.  Come watch the sunrise upon this world.

Doing stuff for yourself!

This may sound a little strange but I was thinking, ( no I don’t mean it’s weird that I was thinking, I do that a lot) but there is a game that I beat the real ending. Middle Earth shadow of war and it was no easy task as it mostly consisted of facing a large number of enemies.  There was fighting for hours upon hours. After some time it grew to be quite exhausting.    The entire endgame took many real hours to complete, and for a great many of those hours I thought to myself, perhaps I could just watch the end on youtube and be done with it. Though even with that I continued to play and with those final moments, I found myself to be tired just as the main character was.  When the main character was walking off into the sunset removing all his armor to finally rest.  I could really relate to this feeling.  I felt truly done.  Overal the moral of the story is do things for yourself because it is way more satisfying!  You can do it!



In a matter of speaking the ability to observe is essential, maybe you saw my latest post on Infinity War, perhaps you didn’t want to look at it because you don’t want spoilers.  That is understandable, don’t worry I won’t judge.  Perhaps you didn’t see that it was spoiler-free because you are so worried about having it ruined, so yes being able to observe can be quite crucial in avoiding a spoiler, but still, if you are too careful you won’t be able to read my exhilarating review!

Once upon a time…

I saw this cat today, the wind rushed from the fan rushed through my  There was a moment when I thought maybe it was from another world.  Was it really?  I may never know.  Life is confusing like that.  One moment you are watching a little tabby strut by you like they own the place.

Maybe they do…

Then I remembered that I owned the place and the cat.  It jumped up on my shoulders and rested its tiny little head.  In the world of the cat, it was in charge and still, I could tell it loved me. There always something there for you.

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