The first step for fighting depression….

I believe that the first step in for fighting depression is actually to admit that you have it or are feeling that way. It makes me think back about a film that came that was called the Babadook, and one of the things about the monster that was especially terrifying was the whole idea that the more you pretend it isn’t there, the stronger it will become so if you are feeling that way admit it and begin the battle proper. You can do it!

Can we be too real? Find out!!!

You ever feel some way about someone? Like let’s just say that there’s someone you really like.. however you’re nervous to say something to them aside from a typical frozen hi that you can barely muster, so while you sit there wishing you would say something to them… then maybe you do or don’t and end up feeling sad for one reason or another… either you said nothing and the person met someone who final did, or you did,d they weren’t interested.

The next sucks. I can admit that you have a feeling, but at the very least there is a bit of closure so that you can move on. So I recommend saying something, be too real life is too short to be fake

Falling out of love with something….

I remember awhile ago I was talking to someone, it was to do with how they had not yet seen the Harry Potter films or really consumed much of any Harry Potter media and I was at first like, “Oh my goodness!!! You have to see these movies!” Some light convincing later and I began wondering to myself what exactly I was doing to push so hard to get someone to watch these movies or read the books… I mean sure they are fairly good but the more I thought about it I was having to convince myself of the greatness… maybe it’s a bit ironic that I would make this post around the time that there is that post talking about how we all need to grow up from the Harry Potter craze… well regardless of my coincidental reasoning, what are your thoughts on the matter? Are you a die hard Potter fan? Do you think we should all move on to the next big thing? Let me know in the comments below!!

A transition time!

You ever sit down after doing something for a long while, and now you have a break in your midst, and you like to freak out wondering what’s going to happen? You feel as though maybe you’ve done something wrong?

Weirdly enough that happened to me. I mean I’m human, so I am bound to make mistakes however there is the weird feeling that I’m not living correctly but then again as they say perfection is impossible.  If it were possible it probably wouldn’t be perfect so like now here I sit writing this post.  I just had a mental click where things made sense  possibly it was my father mentioning that I was doing this, however part of the issue is I always find myself to be mentally uncomfortable on the first few days on a break  and perhaps that is the problem, I feel like I’m inadequate and become overly harsh and I’ll be the first to admit that is kinds of all ridiculous.

So here we are!  I’m calm now, and I have decided that it’s way out like take time to just do fun things and you don’t always need to be breaking into an industry or doing the next big deal, mostly because if your crazy but a millionaire.. what precisely the point of this?  Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

The actual music part of this

I know what you’re thinking. This place is called Music of life right? Where is the music portion?  That’s a great question.  in fact, it has been one thing I have been thinking quite a bit lately so like I suppose that I have a plan of sorts to like talk about different music and like a song to start with would be the one by Bowling for soup called almost. It’s essentially about a guy who almost does things but like never really does so. If you think about it life is a series of decisions that can be almost done or actually done so like the next time you want to do something will you do it or almost do it?


The little flower grows surely but also slowly.  That is how ideas go as the flower grows past the dirt to grab at the blue sky…  I want this to be real, more than just a passing feeling.  Is that what this is?  We can’t be sure yet, still, we must try.  Try until you are sitting there doing whatever it is you feel accomplished and you are doing that thing… whatever it may be.  We can all be like the flower reaching toward the sky.

Becoming Stronger

Yesterday I made a promise to myself.  There is always that feeling of doubt about what is going to happen.  I’m sure you’ve felt this way.  Imagine it, you want something, and it’s not going to easy.  If you want it, you’ll push through the tough time and into the brighter horizon.

This was how it felt when I started exercising, my body didn’t want to do any of the exercisings, and I felt like I needed to fight tooth and nail to get the correct movements down.  It was most uncomfortable for me as my body does try to do things as quickly as possible with less effort.  I wish I could go up and tell you, “Yeah actually this is entirely intentional, and I could do it right any time, but that would be me lying to you, and honestly I don’t see the point of that.  The cerebral palsy manifests itself in weird ways and this is just one of them, but you know what they say… Every day it gets a little easier, but you have to do it every day.


When a time that you wanted to push yourself to be stronger?  Was it hard to get the momentum going?  Do you have any advice for other in the comments?  Don’t forget to follow and share this with your friends if you think it may benefit them!

The Summer to better yourself!

I honestly went through a bit of a rough patch recently.  The Spring Semester had just ended, and I again had that flux of feelings.  You know, the kind where you go, “What the Fudge am I doing?  I wasn’t in the best feelings. Like it was a big smack in the face. I was thinking to myself that I needed to fix my issues…

Now hold on, I know what you’re thinking wait you can’t just fix your disability overnight! True but I want to improve and make it easier to walk and become more physically active. And I want to find out of if you desire to follow this journey with me.  Take my hand, And together we’ll grow to be physically active!


So today I started writing, it’ll be a book more so a fantasy arrangement, it is a world that yet born.  The world looks as though there is potential to be something significant… We hope but are not sure.  Come watch the sunrise upon this world.

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