The graduation’s speeches,

I don’t think on most cases that the speeches given by anyone at a high school graduation is supposed to inspire those beyond the immediate class. In this case, it was the class of 2019. Anyways I was listening to the teacher who happened to be an old teacher I had in my high school years. So I was listening to him, no honestly, I listening to all of the students speak and it made me realize maybe it’s okay that I don’t know what I am doing yet I just gotta keep creating and moving forward until my thing comes whatever it may be!


Hey guys sorry there wasn’t a huge post today my sister graduated so that took up a lot of time! It was fun and exciting to see her start accomplishing her goals as she enters the super cool and scary adult world! Anyways be back tomorrow with something more! Question of the day though, How did you feel when you graduated? Let me know!

Rice: The Flavor that you add

It’s plain at the start, the flavor is mostly there whenever you at your own flair, be it salt pepper, soy sauce or whatever else you think would be good. I was getting ready to make rice in the rice cooker. I pulled minute rice out of the cabinet and then the cooker, I then was stuck smelling the uncooked rice. This dry almost wooden floor emanating from the container. That was when it hit me almost as strong as the flavor. There is the idea that you start as something and then end as something else. Rice may start as something plain but it may end different flavors and ideas so just keep moving forward the likelihood you’ll change for the better is rather high.

Running from your talent. Failed love letters

Writing by itself is weird. It is not something you can easily brag about doing. There have been countless time I’ll talk to someone and they’ll say, “Oh reading is for losers.” The interesting thing is that by someone attacking reading they are also attacking the writing half of the equation, in order for a writer to get out there into the world someone has to do the reading, In movies, at some point, everyone is looking at words to describe what is to be there. The script is written before it is spoken. Therefore ink kisses the pages, making things come to fruition. Making it real. Still though the problem sits, you can’t casually show off writing, as far as anyone’s concerned they are simple runes struck on page, you can write the most heart felt thing on this earth but if someone isn’t completely open to it. Or if you know how to properly trigger someones emotion. It’s that emotional response, it doesn’t matter what it is about if you can make someone feel something you have succeeded

The catch is, you have to do it every day, test things, try things… you can’t care too much if someone hates what you do, everyday you learn more and more so judging someone on their past works , it is only a stepping stone, everyday is a step to perfect the craft even if no one is looking.

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Cats who eat things

I was walking home today, saw a cat. It saw me we. We locked eyes, you know that look where there’s a question of whose really in control . “It’s totally me,” you say, that is the funny fun thing, we all think we are the ones in control but are we really? This cat I know, decided that the wires for my headset would be delicious. I found it this morning all shredded. That sucks I thought, though my inner monolog was more akin to what Dave told Simon in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, though with some variant for the context of the situation. “If you my stuff you’re dead, out on the street!” Honestly the thought of throwing them out over such things is mostly hilarious and pretty much assured to never happen cause cats aren’t fully aware of what is okay… maybe… or it’s possible they bail on us thinking that. Who knows truly.

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Showers give your mind power

So I was in the shower. You know something that happens every day. I was thinking, it was much like rain, where the storm pushes all the toxins in the down, and everything feels pure. So that’s an important thing to think about don’t, don’t forget to take time for your thoughts.

How to Train your Dragon Review or more accurately a reflection of my life while these characters grew up alongside me

This series started back when I was very young. I think it would be safe to say I was around ten. I don’t remember the exact details but in the shorthand of it. My family wanted to see this thing bad, so that is what we did, that’s the story with no pay off no build but it was a lot more than that . I remember when we pulled up to that theatre. Among my family it had garnered the name of The ship or The Titanic theatre, as a fun aside there going to be another 3 to 4 years before the true name of the place was cemented in my mind.

Anyways… I remember something my Nana said, “Oh I think we’re going to see a movie about training your Dragon, it’s no big deal.” My sister and I were both beaming with excitement and thoroughly enjoyed it, the characters almost as old as we were, the sequel, we saw as well in different times with different people and a different mindset. It was fascinating to see that the characters had grown to be different people with. The sequels didn’t skip a mere day, no instead it was several years, so like me the characters had grown to be different with their experiences. So that really resonated with me this is not just a sequel, this a continuation. Everything was upped but in a grander way. It all made sense.

The third one is no different, again the characters are aged up, but here’s the thing, with the third installment there is a strong sense of finality, and thats when I realized something, these two sequels weren’t made with money on the mind, though I am certain they all made sizable profit. They were made with a real story to tell, I have changed a lot over the years these characters have too, Where they ended up I never would have made such a guess. Now sure your life isn’t a cartoon that has writers and directors, (aside from yourself of course) but we don’t know where we are going but certainly it will wow us when we get there. These films feel much more like passion projects, let us try to make our lives the next one. As that movie ended that was what came to me, as well as George Lucas mentioning symmetry so that it rhymed.

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A small missed opportunity .

It happens all of the time. You do or don’t do something and you sit there thinking I should have done this, why didn’t I do that, Choicewas a post I made yesterday. Every time I thought the title it echoed through my mind.

Every. Single. Time..

I just couldn’t justify Writing Choice Choice Choice……. So yeah I don’t even know if that would make sense, look at that. There I go putting in that self doubt. Stop that. This has been retroactively fixed so you know now you are thinking of that reference from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. That was my choice.

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