What’s your favorite book?

We all have favorite books. Even if you don’t realize it, I’m sure that just by hearing the title you’ve thought of a book. Perhaps yours is a classic or a new modern book that has yet to explode into that beautiful flower you know it to be. My favorite book can easily be put at The Hobbit by Tolkien, the high fantasy that feels truly like it was made for himself and to calm his mind after a long days work . Who knows, but tell me what your favorite book is!

Hit the montage

Oh boy! You’ve finally hit it big, you’re doing what you love and making money at it. Life couldn’t be better, it took you a few years but when Hollywood gets ahold that long time to make they happen will be set and passed in a minute of screen time so all we must do is do our thing. Create what we must to get to our happiness and watch all the years later when that work is glossed over in a minute.

Music, the tone of your mind

As you listen to a song watch how it follows your mood and becoming how you feel. As you try to find the song for your thoughts you realize music controls your mood in some ways happy songs get you happy sad ones make you sad and sometimes it works the opposite way. Songs keep The mind active in a way, keep the blood flowing and before you know it the music in your mind is narrating your own personal movie.

Building blocks: be set!

Now today I must ask you a question! Are you poised at the edge of your seat? You must be, one can hope! So one Important part pot expanding oneself in the world is the destination of a facebook page! Would any of you be interested in such a thing? The desire would be that with time it could grow beyond what it is! All the parts are in order. So that is the constant growth, constant expansion keep things growing and hopefully it would be beyond men at some point. This community grows each passing day and I am excited as I am sure you are as well. Thanks to this journey that we have the opportunity to grow together!

A small missed opportunity .

It happens all of the time. You do or don’t do something and you sit there thinking I should have done this, why didn’t I do that, Choicewas a post I made yesterday. Every time I thought the title it echoed through my mind.

Every. Single. Time..

I just couldn’t justify Writing Choice Choice Choice……. So yeah I don’t even know if that would make sense, look at that. There I go putting in that self doubt. Stop that. This has been retroactively fixed so you know now you are thinking of that reference from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. That was my choice.

Music listened to with the post.

Confess (feat. Killer Mike) LOGIC

Robot Rock/ Oh Yeah (Live) Daft Punk

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