Hello Blue

If you were to tell me years ago that the show Blues Clues was going to be getting a reboot, I… might’ve believed you in this heavy reboot culture we seem to be inhabiting …. I mean it is only natural that even that little blue dog gets her own fresh coat of paint and her own new Steve, is his name even Steve anymore? One second…. Nope it’s Josh and it’s not just Blue’s Clues anymore it’s Blue’s Clues and you.

Excuse me while I cry in Nostalgia. Okay Okay real talk time I’m not sad about this in the slightest. I mean the 90’s and 2000’s kids had their time to play with their pup and now its back to play and give the new kids a chance to Scadoo! Admit it we all tried that once right? Right?? Everything about the reboot seems to be looking good, Joshua Dela Cruz Comes off as super approachable and has a fun energy, so perhaps paying this iconic house a visit and see that little paw print another time!

I’m not gonna lie and pretend I don’t miss the old one just a little bit but the best way to reach success is to embrace the things and see where it takes you.

Songs listened to while making this post:

Blue’s Clues theme

To the top (Twin Shadow)

My Silver lining (First aid Kit)

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