Music of life, that’s me… it’s this thing I thought was oh so original . Okay there are many who have this, a book a dance company, and another blog. But let’s be the modern recreation. Renaming modern and beautiful, starting and going. Not stopping. We’ll be the BIGGER IDENTITY.

What’s your favorite book?

We all have favorite books. Even if you don’t realize it, I’m sure that just by hearing the title you’ve thought of a book. Perhaps yours is a classic or a new modern book that has yet to explode into that beautiful flower you know it to be. My favorite book can easily be put at The Hobbit by Tolkien, the high fantasy that feels truly like it was made for himself and to calm his mind after a long days work . Who knows, but tell me what your favorite book is!

Two halves to one person

Part of us is constantly nervous. Another part is superbly confident and has so much it wants to do. If you think about it we all have two parts. What we want to do and what we believe to be logical. Sure you know what you’ve got to do while also sitting thinking no I don’t really need that. It would be nice but I don’t need it. That, my friend is where you are wrong. You do need to do this, if it is what will make you happy then it is not a maybe it is a must for your sake. Don’t put your dreams on hold out of fear talk to that person do that thing you’ve always wanted to dO.

But it’s hard, because those two parts of you are at war do and don’t they say, two opposite messages to yourself, you have to push through to the one that you want to hear, follow your dreams and know if you push hard enough it will work.

Blind date with a book….

So I’m sitting there, looking at these books wrapped in white. There are small words on the front. Hand crafted of course, these small imperfections that add to the beauty of the project. I looked at them, my mind racing with the possibility. That happens a lot, I love when my mind races. The feeling of possibility is absolutely beautiful. It was a gamble sure. Money to be placed on something And you don’t know what, but with some amount of trust I went through and bought a book taking a serious chance and having the scared part of my brain say “no put it back! You could hate it! But also I could love it so I stopped worrying (I mean I tried to I just tuned it out!) then I went ahead read the white paper one last time and tore it open! Taking a leap and hoping with excitement.

Still trying

Well another day passes, I’ve made some progress I’d like to say well I have, I mean in technicality. We write and we write listening to those around us who don’t believe in the medium so we keep going despite that it its hard on some of the days where you wonder if it’s what you are supposed to do. Of course you know it’s what you gotta do but there is that feeling. That maybe they are right well you gotta do your own thing thats it just do it.

Weird days

Everyone has them it’s this thing where things feel fine right about up to the point where you realize.. holy crap I didn’t do much today but there is tomorrow and there is time to have a good day as well.

Hello Blue

If you were to tell me years ago that the show Blues Clues was going to be getting a reboot, I… might’ve believed you in this heavy reboot culture we seem to be inhabiting …. I mean it is only natural that even that little blue dog gets her own fresh coat of paint and her own new Steve, is his name even Steve anymore? One second…. Nope it’s Josh and it’s not just Blue’s Clues anymore it’s Blue’s Clues and you.

Excuse me while I cry in Nostalgia. Okay Okay real talk time I’m not sad about this in the slightest. I mean the 90’s and 2000’s kids had their time to play with their pup and now its back to play and give the new kids a chance to Scadoo! Admit it we all tried that once right? Right?? Everything about the reboot seems to be looking good, Joshua Dela Cruz Comes off as super approachable and has a fun energy, so perhaps paying this iconic house a visit and see that little paw print another time!

I’m not gonna lie and pretend I don’t miss the old one just a little bit but the best way to reach success is to embrace the things and see where it takes you.

Songs listened to while making this post:

Blue’s Clues theme

To the top (Twin Shadow)

My Silver lining (First aid Kit)

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