S.T.A.Y. A fixation on the past

Interstellar is a weird experience. When I first saw it I was sad and also mad. I was sad mad. Smad. It at first came off to me as a confusing mess that you couldn’t rewatch with the ideas into the film later, like what was possible with Inception. You see you watch that film and knowing what you know about the future of the timeline you can go..Oh cool, that’s some foreshadowing for what is to come. In this film, it is straight forward there really isn’t a thing that makes you know more in a satisfying way. When you rewatch this film, there is a sort of thing that happens where you see what’s gonna happen you’ve seen it before, but you can look at the finer details and see the smaller things. You almost are the main character Cooper you know as much as he does, he’s not like Cobb from inception. This guy doesn’t have a mysteriously dark past that he is withholding from the audience, he is just as confused as you are whenever he enters the wormhole. He is learning with you.

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Another important note is how the film has a theme of how time for us in our current state marches ever forward in a straight line that is the only way that we can comprehend it in our present state so in the instance when Cooper sees time as we may in the future. It creates his personal hell. He regrets leaving and now he is sitting there watching himself leave no matter how much he begs himself to stay. I feel like we as people would do exactly that if they were trapped in a box of our past mistakes, yes we would try our best to change it and scream and cry about. As much as I would love to say I wouldn’t, I probably would. You might as well admit you would too even if just for a minute. That scene goes on for a few minutes, Mathew Mcconaughey (yes I did have to look up how to spell his lat name ) is great you can seriously feel the emotional anguish that his character is going through. The lesson here is that he was only able to move forward when he found a way to use the past to help him grow as a person more accurately save humanity. So in continuation of yesterdays post look at the past but don’t get stuck in a box wanting to change it.

Losing my streak

So I have been unbelievably busy in the previous few days, as you all might know, or equally so might not know my sisters both recently graduated from their respective grades, so obviously I was partying like a mad man and there was a lot of food. Okay honestly, that is only a half truth, there was food but the partying was minimal to non existent we did actually go to the apple store and go through the motions of creating a few emojis, admittedly the final character in my trio was much more akin to a symbol, one that was supposed to represent a part of myself. As much as I love the craft, I am a better smith with words than outright images. So anyways when I was finally able to touch base at home, I sat there and realized that I hadn’t spoken much of anything substantial recently. I thought to myself, now is as good of time as any to correct these mistakes if we can even call it such. I think part the problem is the fear of error, maybe I’m actually doing fine and I just have to trust that everything done is building towards those moments of being perfect every day I mark towards the goal of success! It doesn’t matter that I missed a day by the technicality of WordPress, What matters is that I am still here today and tomorrow to see things rolling no matter the stumbling.

The time on a clock

I woke up this morning. It was still dark out. The leaves and branches were brushing across my window and it made me think about streams, the water rushing by a simple peaceful thought. Something that I wanted to hold onto matter what. I glanced over to my clock, it reads out to be 2:15. That is perfect. There are many hours left to sleep and rest. I close my eyes again and with that it becomes 4:30, the time that I must wake. I think to myself, “No not quite yet.”. I close my eyes again. Boom 4:40, not so bad, I get up, still able to hear the ocean leaves. Water kickstarts my system and with that I hop into the shower. When I get out, the clock, in those blocky digital numbers, reads SOS. Only 10 minutes, not bad. The sky developes the transition between blues. In a few minutes I lose my wallet watch a video on YouTube and then put my shoes all around 5:35. I slip my backpack on brush my teeth, my life feels fine as I jump into the car it happens in a breath then this post came to me, 5:55.


Confessions of a dangerous mind (Logic)

The wrong coffee

There’s this drink. It’s just a drink, nothing too special about it aside from the fact that it tasted good the one time a friend afforded me the opportunity to try it. That is where this quest was born. There is no deeper meaning behind it. I am not trying to recreate some memory that is buried behind trauma. Nope the taste was exquisite and I want to have it sooth my tongue once more. So here I sit; I am with the wrong drink again. The taste is good in its own right but definitely not what I was hoping to get. I tried naming what I thought it was based solely on the memory it was cold and sweet; a Carmel mocha I was sure. Close but not quite. As the drink was brewed and the machines rumbled, I kept an eye on the menu. Having it iced was an option. It was an option that I didn’t select. The one who works there is a great crafter, and I hadn’t the heart to say I’d made a mistake. So I let it happen. I took the drink and sat at a table. Boom it was done. I took a sip and the hotness tried to hit my taste buds But it was perfect just the amount of heat. I accept my problem, learning from it so next time things will be different.

Well college is back!

You know college is coming back! I’m not really chomping at the bit to go back, but then if you really think about it any bit of knowledge is beneficial, are you gonna use math every waking day of your life?

I mean probably not… I mean today’s world hand holds you on math.. unless you become a math professor or a…engineering degree… you can probably guess that math is not my strong suit so… wait where was I going with this? Oh yeah… so like even if college isn’t your favorite thing in the world it is still knowledge which can help you in your bigger dreams, that is the important thing to remember today!

Falling out of love with something….

I remember awhile ago I was talking to someone, it was to do with how they had not yet seen the Harry Potter films or really consumed much of any Harry Potter media and I was at first like, “Oh my goodness!!! You have to see these movies!” Some light convincing later and I began wondering to myself what exactly I was doing to push so hard to get someone to watch these movies or read the books… I mean sure they are fairly good but the more I thought about it I was having to convince myself of the greatness… maybe it’s a bit ironic that I would make this post around the time that there is that post talking about how we all need to grow up from the Harry Potter craze… well regardless of my coincidental reasoning, what are your thoughts on the matter? Are you a die hard Potter fan? Do you think we should all move on to the next big thing? Let me know in the comments below!!


The little flower grows surely but also slowly.  That is how ideas go as the flower grows past the dirt to grab at the blue sky…  I want this to be real, more than just a passing feeling.  Is that what this is?  We can’t be sure yet, still, we must try.  Try until you are sitting there doing whatever it is you feel accomplished and you are doing that thing… whatever it may be.  We can all be like the flower reaching toward the sky.


So today I started writing, it’ll be a book more so a fantasy arrangement, it is a world that yet born.  The world looks as though there is potential to be something significant… We hope but are not sure.  Come watch the sunrise upon this world.

Plans and replanning

I remember last Friday I had a good thing going, I was writing a short story for fun and then shortly after the fact, I thought to myself, “You know what would be fun?”  Putting the story on my blog for everyone to see and give feedback if they want!

Great idea right?

Well, theoretically yes!  A creative person has to get feedback somehow right?  Actually, this isn’t even really exclusive to the “creative” types!   I’m sure that you love to get feedback no matter what you are doing! Chef’s do it to improve recipes, Directors use it to figure what tricks work and what don’t.

Well, that didn’t work.  I had my sister read the story out loud and, it wasn’t terrific structurally that is.  I wanted to publish it right away, but it’s better for it to be good quality rather than being out right away and terrible so if you are pushing yourself, take a second to breathe and make sure it is really exactly what you want it to be!

Writing a post!

You ever sit down to write a blog post and realize suddenly that you really don’t know what to say today…  Then you wonder to yourself, oh man why am I even doing this,  well in case that opening sentence made you exclaim, “Hey that’s just like me!”

Okay first off not every day is going a mind-boggling explosion of inspiration.   I’ll be one to admit that it would be genuinely phenomenal if every waking moment were a significant, overpowering stream of game-changing ideas but as I like saying with balance, is that to understand or truly appreciate the moments that are a fresh inspiration.  So with that in mind, you and I  are able to figure out the best moment of inspiration.  We all need to figure out how to push through the dry spells where you don’t know what to do, technically there is no need to worry if an idea is terrible, more so if it can work with you best!  Maybe this post helped to get you through writer’s block.  Good luck with what you are writing next!

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