Weird days

Everyone has them it’s this thing where things feel fine right about up to the point where you realize.. holy crap I didn’t do much today but there is tomorrow and there is time to have a good day as well.

Rice: The Flavor that you add

It’s plain at the start, the flavor is mostly there whenever you at your own flair, be it salt pepper, soy sauce or whatever else you think would be good. I was getting ready to make rice in the rice cooker. I pulled minute rice out of the cabinet and then the cooker, I then was stuck smelling the uncooked rice. This dry almost wooden floor emanating from the container. That was when it hit me almost as strong as the flavor. There is the idea that you start as something and then end as something else. Rice may start as something plain but it may end different flavors and ideas so just keep moving forward the likelihood you’ll change for the better is rather high.

Well college is back!

You know college is coming back! I’m not really chomping at the bit to go back, but then if you really think about it any bit of knowledge is beneficial, are you gonna use math every waking day of your life?

I mean probably not… I mean today’s world hand holds you on math.. unless you become a math professor or a…engineering degree… you can probably guess that math is not my strong suit so… wait where was I going with this? Oh yeah… so like even if college isn’t your favorite thing in the world it is still knowledge which can help you in your bigger dreams, that is the important thing to remember today!

Be spontaneous

I know it may be scary to something like that. There was a time just last week where I wanted to see someone, so I just went and got on the bus, and I went… That’s all that mattered to me; I felt as though I had taken a bit of a gamble though as the person I had wanted to see had not been feeling the greatest, I wasn’t even sure if she would be there, as I boarded the bus, however, I continued to have this strange nagging feeling… But then I reminded myself that this is the first time I had done something like this, so of course, my body would be somewhat scared. So bottom line I went into the college anyways, there was no goal in mind other than to hang out and that is precisely what I did, and then I met up with her anyways and we had a good time. So as the meme suggests, just do it!!

It’s better than doing nothing!


Love is a strange thing; you can’t stop yourself from feeling it. I say handle it! Life is too short to run from it if you think it goes for real follow it because of the fact you only have one life l so go ahead and discover things and embrace that good feeling.

Can we be too real? Find out!!!

You ever feel some way about someone? Like let’s just say that there’s someone you really like.. however you’re nervous to say something to them aside from a typical frozen hi that you can barely muster, so while you sit there wishing you would say something to them… then maybe you do or don’t and end up feeling sad for one reason or another… either you said nothing and the person met someone who final did, or you did,d they weren’t interested.

The next sucks. I can admit that you have a feeling, but at the very least there is a bit of closure so that you can move on. So I recommend saying something, be too real life is too short to be fake

A transition time!

You ever sit down after doing something for a long while, and now you have a break in your midst, and you like to freak out wondering what’s going to happen? You feel as though maybe you’ve done something wrong?

Weirdly enough that happened to me. I mean I’m human, so I am bound to make mistakes however there is the weird feeling that I’m not living correctly but then again as they say perfection is impossible.  If it were possible it probably wouldn’t be perfect so like now here I sit writing this post.  I just had a mental click where things made sense  possibly it was my father mentioning that I was doing this, however part of the issue is I always find myself to be mentally uncomfortable on the first few days on a break  and perhaps that is the problem, I feel like I’m inadequate and become overly harsh and I’ll be the first to admit that is kinds of all ridiculous.

So here we are!  I’m calm now, and I have decided that it’s way out like take time to just do fun things and you don’t always need to be breaking into an industry or doing the next big deal, mostly because if your crazy but a millionaire.. what precisely the point of this?  Don’t forget to take care of yourself!


The little flower grows surely but also slowly.  That is how ideas go as the flower grows past the dirt to grab at the blue sky…  I want this to be real, more than just a passing feeling.  Is that what this is?  We can’t be sure yet, still, we must try.  Try until you are sitting there doing whatever it is you feel accomplished and you are doing that thing… whatever it may be.  We can all be like the flower reaching toward the sky.

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