What’s your favorite book?

We all have favorite books. Even if you don’t realize it, I’m sure that just by hearing the title you’ve thought of a book. Perhaps yours is a classic or a new modern book that has yet to explode into that beautiful flower you know it to be. My favorite book can easily be put at The Hobbit by Tolkien, the high fantasy that feels truly like it was made for himself and to calm his mind after a long days work . Who knows, but tell me what your favorite book is!

Hit the montage

Oh boy! You’ve finally hit it big, you’re doing what you love and making money at it. Life couldn’t be better, it took you a few years but when Hollywood gets ahold that long time to make they happen will be set and passed in a minute of screen time so all we must do is do our thing. Create what we must to get to our happiness and watch all the years later when that work is glossed over in a minute.

Music, the tone of your mind

As you listen to a song watch how it follows your mood and becoming how you feel. As you try to find the song for your thoughts you realize music controls your mood in some ways happy songs get you happy sad ones make you sad and sometimes it works the opposite way. Songs keep The mind active in a way, keep the blood flowing and before you know it the music in your mind is narrating your own personal movie.

Art is interpretive

It could almost be endless as the more you think about the art the more you think about it effectively making the content you can see endless , what’s a film where you hav experienced this? Let me know!

Happiness is important

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Don’t over analyze things, if you do things can get confusing . I mean every day is a gift and if you are too focused on yesterdays gift then hoe could you appreciate what you are presently given! Cape Diem.

A Quick thought of one of the strangest movies ever.

So I don’t know if you’ve heard of the movie Synedoche New York but I think it is about a guy that wants to create a massive play that encapsulates life. He spends his whole life working on it but it never seems to go anywhere and then he dies. “Devin!” I hear you say, “that sounds incredibly morbid and and sad!”

To which I say yes it does. The movie is weird,


Even sad things can serve to motivate us properly.

  1. Don’t make things overly massive to the4 point of impossibly in your writing focus on a few characters and don’t dwell too much one every little detail; or things will never get done. I do not that some people do focus on a bunch of characters. As much as every little detail would be tempting don’t! Keep pace and finish it.
  2. Don’t dwell too much on the past. Learn from it definitely but don’t let it tether you, There are no strings on me or you!
  3. Look at things in a good light that will help there are always good thing Otherwise you might a sabotage good thing.

There we go three cool lessons!

Now listen to “Here comes the sun” by The Beatles

Rice: The Flavor that you add

It’s plain at the start, the flavor is mostly there whenever you at your own flair, be it salt pepper, soy sauce or whatever else you think would be good. I was getting ready to make rice in the rice cooker. I pulled minute rice out of the cabinet and then the cooker, I then was stuck smelling the uncooked rice. This dry almost wooden floor emanating from the container. That was when it hit me almost as strong as the flavor. There is the idea that you start as something and then end as something else. Rice may start as something plain but it may end different flavors and ideas so just keep moving forward the likelihood you’ll change for the better is rather high.

The Dreams of those famous people: You know what you have to do

Now I think that it is safe to assume that we have all had a dream where we meet a famous person that we all admire to some degree, you know how the dreams go. Suddenly they appear in your dream. “Oh my goodness,” you say! “They are talking to me! I have so much to learn from them.” From all the dreams absurdity, suddenly it takes on a much more realistic tone, subtracting the fact that you now have a feeling that this time is constantly fleeting that you will forget something important.

This happened to me just last night. I was having a dream, supposedly watching Into the spider verse and then suddenly things changed and George. R. R. Martin was there too. Now in an effort to be more original I didn’t ask about the latest book instead I was asking him for writing advice. The exchange went a little like this:

So how do you stay motivated to complete things?” I was asking

He took a breath, suddenly a rush of memories came back of all the memories I had of all the interviews and I tried to pick the best one that would suit him, so it came out where he said, you just gotta write and finish that first draft.” I had remembered hearing that in an interview done with Steven King, the ironic thing is that, it wasn’t Martin who said this at all it was actually King, it was merely my own mind trying to get mr to do what needed to be done. Oh and for the final seconds of the dream I was sad that I hadn’t gotten my box set of his books signed, though I suppose that is just something to remember to do if and when I finally get to meet him in person. You probably know what you need to do, you just got got a little push even if that push is from your own mind pretending to be a famous person.

Music Listened to while Writing this post:

  • Reunited (UNDERTALE OST)
  • Fly me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra)
  • The Girl from Ipanema (Frank Sinatra)

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