Music of life, that’s me… it’s this thing I thought was oh so original . Okay there are many who have this, a book a dance company, and another blog. But let’s be the modern recreation. Renaming modern and beautiful, starting and going. Not stopping. We’ll be the BIGGER IDENTITY.

What’s your favorite book?

We all have favorite books. Even if you don’t realize it, I’m sure that just by hearing the title you’ve thought of a book. Perhaps yours is a classic or a new modern book that has yet to explode into that beautiful flower you know it to be. My favorite book can easily be put at The Hobbit by Tolkien, the high fantasy that feels truly like it was made for himself and to calm his mind after a long days work . Who knows, but tell me what your favorite book is!

Rice: The Flavor that you add

It’s plain at the start, the flavor is mostly there whenever you at your own flair, be it salt pepper, soy sauce or whatever else you think would be good. I was getting ready to make rice in the rice cooker. I pulled minute rice out of the cabinet and then the cooker, I then was stuck smelling the uncooked rice. This dry almost wooden floor emanating from the container. That was when it hit me almost as strong as the flavor. There is the idea that you start as something and then end as something else. Rice may start as something plain but it may end different flavors and ideas so just keep moving forward the likelihood you’ll change for the better is rather high.

Well college is back!

You know college is coming back! I’m not really chomping at the bit to go back, but then if you really think about it any bit of knowledge is beneficial, are you gonna use math every waking day of your life?

I mean probably not… I mean today’s world hand holds you on math.. unless you become a math professor or a…engineering degree… you can probably guess that math is not my strong suit so… wait where was I going with this? Oh yeah… so like even if college isn’t your favorite thing in the world it is still knowledge which can help you in your bigger dreams, that is the important thing to remember today!


In a matter of speaking the ability to observe is essential, maybe you saw my latest post on Infinity War, perhaps you didn’t want to look at it because you don’t want spoilers.  That is understandable, don’t worry I won’t judge.  Perhaps you didn’t see that it was spoiler-free because you are so worried about having it ruined, so yes being able to observe can be quite crucial in avoiding a spoiler, but still, if you are too careful you won’t be able to read my exhilarating review!

Plans and replanning

I remember last Friday I had a good thing going, I was writing a short story for fun and then shortly after the fact, I thought to myself, “You know what would be fun?”  Putting the story on my blog for everyone to see and give feedback if they want!

Great idea right?

Well, theoretically yes!  A creative person has to get feedback somehow right?  Actually, this isn’t even really exclusive to the “creative” types!   I’m sure that you love to get feedback no matter what you are doing! Chef’s do it to improve recipes, Directors use it to figure what tricks work and what don’t.

Well, that didn’t work.  I had my sister read the story out loud and, it wasn’t terrific structurally that is.  I wanted to publish it right away, but it’s better for it to be good quality rather than being out right away and terrible so if you are pushing yourself, take a second to breathe and make sure it is really exactly what you want it to be!

The art of perspective

So  I was thinking about life last night, I was writing my stories in the middle of the night, and shortly after a few minutes I got moderately sidetracked and found myself drifting back to Facebook.  I saw some people acting sad and others who were happy, and at the moment I was not feeling the most comfortable…

I mean heck I have cerebral palsy, and that can get me down on some days, so as I was looking at my friends doing all kinds of fantastic physical activities, (though technically from my perspective the ability to jump is the coolest thing ever), and I was sad. But then out of nowhere, a memory came flooding back to me.

I was with a big group of people, probably 150 or so, and we were doing a sort of, look at all of us together, for the after-school program.  At a certain  point, everyone was asked to jump up in the air with our hands up.  That was something I couldn’t do so I did the next best thing I could think to do at the time… I smiled and tried to look my best.

After I first saw the picture, I was embarrassed as everyone else was seemingly floating, and for some time I was self-conscious. But eventually, I started to see how it was all funny in a way because I saw it now was like this, I was the one grounded so that the rest would not fly away into the sun! I even later went on to others about this, and it made them laugh too, I mean nobody is perfect, so sometimes it is best to dance with your flaws and make something fresh out of it!

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